Target audience & key stakeholders

  • Primary Target Group: Rural Women: The primary beneficiaries are women, but there is a 20% allowance for men to participate.
  • Secondary Target Group: Youth: Out of School: The project aims to provide local youth with the necessary skills to actively participate as young leaders in community development. Environmental awareness is incorporated as an important tool to encourage self-sustainability and self-development. NADPZ aims to promote small-scale agriculture as a viable career path that young people can follow, in turn reducing rural-urban migration and increasing the number of small-scale entrepreneurs
  • Tertiary Target group: Mbabala Constituency Community: Each member represents a household therefore taking an average of six members per household; it is estimated that over 20,000 people directly benefit from the project.
    STAKEHOLDERS: NADPZ focuses on working with already established women’s cooperatives. Currently NADPZ is working with over 6,000 women in Mbabala, Pemba and Kalomo Constituencies in the Southern Province of Zambia.