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The community school has gradually expanded and now has 4 classrooms all equipped with furniture, stationary and the correct curriculum teachers reference guides. MCS currently has operating Reception to Grade 4 Classes, with 1 qualified teacher provided by the Government and 3 teachers aids that have been supported through fundraising efforts. NADPZ on behalf of MSC is currently waiting for the government to approve the placement of another qualified teacher to ensure quality education for the children


The MAWOFA Community School aims to provide a quality education to the next generation of farmers by reducing teacher-student ratio’s and by expanding the curriculum to include farming and tree planting practices. The plans include growing the school to secondary level education with a Top Students Scholarships program (TSSP) to Zambian universities and colleges. Once the students graduate, they will return to the same rural community and use their knowledge to invest in the growth and development of that community, through the cooperative, value added agri-businesses their parents are currently building now. 


NADPZ has two parallel programs Help Provide for Your Child (HPYC) and Women Earning an Income (WEI) Program. These two programs are essential in ensuring community contribution and participation as well as addressing the main focus of the association which is poverty reduction. The PTA and parent association have received sowing skills training through a technical training center  and this training was put into practice when the PTA and parent association was asked to make uniforms for the students. Through Shumei’s fundraising efforts money was raised to buy sowing machines, the material and accessories required to make uniforms for 60 children. It was a win-win effort the children received uniforms and the women were paid a small labor fee for the uniforms they made, which they re-invest into club activities such as vegetable gardens, baking etc. 


The PTA as part of the HPYC program have planted a small vegetable garden near the school borehole growing easy to grow vegetables, such as rape and Chinese cabbage that are nutritious because they are grown using regenerative agricultural practices and are used to feed the children as part of the School Feeding Program (SFP).



MCS with NADPZ’s assistance is looking for financial support to continue to operate the school and to continue to grow the school. Please find below pictures of the current 98 students that are enrolled at the school for the 2020 school year. 

If you would like to support our efforts please see the support plans below and get in contact with us. 

SUPPORT PLAN 1 – SCHOOL ESSENTIALS: By donating $35 you could help support a basic school package for a child, which includes a uniform (USD $9), a school bag (USD $6) and a pair of shoes (USD $20). 

SUPPORT PLAN 2 – ONE MONTH - By donating $10 you can provide an education and one meal a day for a child at school for one month.  

SUPPORT PLAN 3 – ONE TERM - By donating $30 you can provide an education and one meal a day for a child for a whole 3month school term. 

SUPPORT PLAN 4 – 1 SCHOOL YEAR – BY DONATING $90 you can provide an education and one meal a day for a child for a whole year. 

If you are interested in supporting any of our students please select the name of a child and email MCSeducatingthefuture@nadpz.org. Please provide the name of the child you wish to sponsor and the support package you have selected. For further information about NADPZ please email us or call us on the contact details provided on the contact page.