Location and infrastructure

NADPZ farm and headquarters is located approximately 330km from Lusaka, in the Mbabala Constituency, Southern Province. The closest developed town from the project area is Choma, the capital of Southern province, which is located 54km away. Until July 2010, the Mbabala area had inadequate road networks, making it difficult for small-scale rural farmers to transport produce and access decent markets. To date the Zambian Government has invested heavily in the construction and maintenance of main roads and feeder roads in the area increasing accessibility.

NADPZ has established infrastructure at the main Natural Agriculture Hub, which is used as a demonstration-training center, teaching women practical Natural Agriculture and seed saving skills as well as other income generating skills.

NADPZ has also built eight farm stores, seed storage banks and training centers that are located in the other eight wards of the Mbabala constituency. The farm stores provide people in the area with easy access to farming tools, seeds and information. It also provides women with easy access to training. In addition, the seed storage banks provide women members with direct and easy access to markets and right market values. A percentage of the produce collected from the members at the farm stores is processed and packaged and supplied to food markets in the city.